Jul 5 – 10, 2021
Europe/Rome timezone

Simulation-wise Comparison of Yukawa and Newtonian Gravitational Forces

Jul 5, 2021, 6:30 PM
Talk in the parallel session Dark Energy and the accelerating universe Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe


Ezgi Canay (Istanbul Technical University)


In a cubic cosmological simulation box with three-dimensional periodicity, we determine the gravitational potential and force generated by a single particle. Using both the Newtonian approximation and Yukawa law of gravity within the cosmic screening approach [1,2], we zoom into the regions in the box where the distinction among them becomes significant. Extending the analysis to corresponding physical distances today as well as at late stages of matter domination, we show how employing Newtonian approximation over Yukawa gravity affects simulations of structure formation in terms of force computation. Additionally, we compare the plain Yukawa (non-periodic) and Yukawa-Ewald (periodic) forces in the box to study the impacts of periodic boundaries.

[1] M. Eingorn, First-order cosmological perturbations engendered by point-like masses. ApJ 825, 84 (2016). arXiv:1509.03835.
[2] E. Canay, M. Eingorn, Duel of cosmological screening lengths. Phys. Dark Univ. 29, 100565 (2020). arXiv:2002.00437.

Primary authors

Ezgi Canay (Istanbul Technical University) Dr Maxim Eingorn (North Carolina Central University)

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