Jul 5 – 10, 2021
Europe/Rome timezone

Quasinormal modes in the field of a dyon-like dilatonic black hole

Jul 6, 2021, 11:00 AM
Invited talk in the parallel session Theories of gravity: alternatives to the cosmological and particle standard models Theories of Gravity: Alternatives to the Cosmological and Particle Standard Models


Kuantay Boshkayev (Kazakh National University)Dr Algis Malybayev (KazNU)


Quasinormal modes of massless test scalar field in the background of gravitational field for a non-extremal dilatonic dyonic black hole are explored. The dyon-like black hole solution is considered in the gravitational $4d$ model involving two scalar fields and two 2-forms. It is governed by two 2-dimensional dilatonic coupling vectors $\vec{\lambda}_i$ obeying $\vec{\lambda}_i (\vec{\lambda}_1 + \vec{\lambda}_2) > 0$, $i =1,2$. The first law of black hole thermodynamics is given and the Smarr relation is verified. Quasinormal modes for a massless scalar (test) field in the eikonal approximation are obtained and analysed. These modes depend upon a dimensionless parameter $a$ ($0 < a \leq 2$) which is a function of $\vec{\lambda}_i$. For limiting strong ($a = +0$) and weak ($a = 2$) coupling cases, they coincide with the well-known results for the Schwarzschild and Reissner-Nordstr\"om solutions. It is shown that the Hod conjecture, connecting the damping rate and the Hawking temperature, is satisfied for $0 < a \leq 1$ and all allowed values of parameters.

Primary authors

Kuantay Boshkayev (Kazakh National University) Dr Algis Malybayev (KazNU) Prof. Vladimir Ivashchuk (RUDN University) Mrs Farida Belissarova (KazNU)

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