Jul 5 – 10, 2021
Europe/Rome timezone

Conformal Dilaton Gravity and Warped Spacetimes in 5D

Jul 6, 2021, 9:50 AM
Talk in the parallel session Conformal Dilaton Gravity and Related Issues Conformal Dilaton Gravity and Related Issues


Dr Reinoud Slagter (ASFYON, Astronomisch Fysisch Onderzoek Nederland)


We applied the conformal dilaton gravity model on a BTZ-like black hole spacetime in five dimensions using the warped Randall-Sundrum-1 variant.
We find exact $(t,r)$-dependent solutions for the dilaton field and the metric components, written as $g_{\mu\nu}=\omega^{\frac{4}{n-2}}\tilde g_{\mu\nu}$, from the 5D Einstein equations, as well as from the induced 4D Einstein equations on the brane.
Next, we write $ ^{(4)}{\tilde g_{\mu\nu}}=\bar\omega^2{ ^{(4)}\bar g_{\mu\nu}}$.
The free parameters of the solution can be chosen in such a way that the spacetime is singular-free.
The location of the horizon(s) and the ergosphere of the induced 4D spacetime are also determined by the gravitational field outside the brane.
This solution can also be used to calculate the functional integration over $\omega$ and then over $\tilde g_{\mu\nu}$ for the effective action.
The energy-momentum tensor for the dilaton field, as well as the surface gravity of the horizon determining the Hawking radiation, can be calculated exactly.
Because the use of a "large" extra dimension results in a fundamental Planck scale comparable with the electroweak scale, one can possible construct, although here without matter, a finite, renormalizable and anomaly-free effective action. A connection is made with the antipodal mapping in connection with the complementarity issue.

Primary author

Dr Reinoud Slagter (ASFYON, Astronomisch Fysisch Onderzoek Nederland)

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