Jun 12 – 16, 2023
Asia/Yerevan timezone

Three arguable concepts

Jun 12, 2023, 4:00 PM


Prof. Yousef Sobouti (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences)


We address i) the point-particle assumption inherent to non-quantum physics. It is singular and entails divergences. ii) In quantum mechanics (QM) EM plays an asymmetric role. It acts on QM fields, but the latter does not react back. We suggest a mutual action-reaction partnership between the two. By so doing, QM fields share their analyticity with EM fields and remove the singularities. iii) The conventional U1 symmetry leaves QM and EM invariant under a ’general’ Lorentz gauge and causes the standard minimal coupling of QM to the EM 4-vector potential. One may, however, ask for invariance under the ’restricted’ Lorentz gauge. This invites in the coupling to the derivatives of the vector potential and enlarges U1. We examine the Dirac electron in the context just dscribed. Without recourse to QED, we find that electron develops non-singular and distributed charge and current densities. The enlarged symmetry has its own constant of motion. The anomalous g-factor of the so designed electron emerges, up to order (𝛼/𝜋)^2, as the constant of motion in agreement with the QED theorized and the laboratory measured values.

Primary author

Prof. Yousef Sobouti (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences)

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