Jul 4 – 14, 2022
Europe/Paris timezone
This meeting extends across two weeks from 4-14 July 2022. It aims to discuss recent developments in the theory and observations of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), active galactic nuclei (AGNs), and dark matter (DM).

Some relevant topics to be discussed and devoted to GRBs and AGNs are:
  • The energy extraction process from rotating black holes (BHs) in the inner engine of the high-energy (e.g. GeV) emission of long GRBs and AGNs. Special attention is given to inner engines comprising a Kerr BH immersed in a magnetic field and ionized plasma. Recent developments on the topic, especially the problem of field screening, electric discharge, radiation properties, black hole physics, magnetohydrodynamics, and the maximum electric charge allowed in the inner engines, will be discussed.
  • Recent progress in GRB theory, for instance in the binary-driven hypernova (BdHN) model. This includes the physical explanation of the ultrarelativistic prompt emission (UPE) phase in the MeV regime, the afterglow emission in the X-rays, optical, and radio wavelengths, and the GeV emission.
  • Supernova associated with GRBs. The role of the supernova explosion in the entire emission of a long GRB.
  • GRBs at high-redshift and GRB-cosmology.
  • The emission of GRB cocoons. Observations.
  • The emission of M87*. Theory and observations.


Some relevant topics to be discussed and devoted to dark matter are:
  • Fermionic and bosonic dark matter: microphysics.
  • Fermionic and bosonic dark matter: macrophysics.
  • Recent developments in the description of the Galactic center (Sgr A*) as a core of dark matter.
  • Latest astrometric observations of stars orbiting Sgr A* and observational constraints on the nature of Sgr A*.
  • Latest news on the baryonic content in galaxies.
  • Strong gravitational lensing.
  • Dark matter in early cosmology. Cosmological simulations. Dark matter halo formation.


The meeting will be held in the Villa Ratti, the seat of ICRANet in Nice, France, and will follow a mixed format, in presence and online.


Invited speakers (TBC)

  • Aimuratov Yerlan
  • Amati Lorenzo
  • Arguelles Carlos Raul
  • Astesiano Davide
  • Becerra Bayona Laura
  • Bianco Carlo Luciano
  • Bondani Stefano
  • Boshkayev Kuantay
  • Crespi Valentina
  • Crosta Mariateresa
  • Dainotti Maria Giovanna
  • Della Valle Massimo
  • Fryer Christopher
  • Gregoris Daniele
  • Izzo Luca 
  • Kotlarik Petr
  • Li Liang 
  • Longo Francesco
  • Luo Wentao
  • Mavromatos Nick
  • Meneghetti Massimo
  • Mestre Martin
  • Mirabel Felix
  • Moradi Rahim 
  • Nakar Ehud
  • Peissker Florian
  • Petrosian Vahe
  • Piran Tsvi 
  • Re Federico
  • Re Fiorentin Paola
  • Rodriguez Ruiz José Fernando
  • Rosati Piero
  • Rueda Hernandez Jorge Armando
  • Ruffini Remo
  • Sahakyan Narek
  • Sigismondi Costantino
  • Spagna Alessandro
  • Troja Eleonora
  • Vereshchagin Gregory
  • Viel Matteo
  • Wang Yu
  • Waxman Eli
  • Xue Shesheng
  • Yunis Rafael
  • Zhang Bing


Registration fee:

  • Regular fee: 150 Euros
  • Reduced fee: 50 Euros (applied to students, retired scientists)


Group Picture

ICRANet Seat at Villa Ratti Nice (France) and online
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