Prof. Remo Ruffini Festschrift. A conference in celebration of Prof. Remo Ruffini 80° birthday

Remo Ruffini

Director of ICRANet and President of ICRA, coauthor of more than 650 scientific publications and 13 books, Remo Ruffini received his doctorate at Sapienza (1967). He taught in Hamburg, Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study, in Japan, in China (at USTC), in Australia and CBPF (Brazil). Some of his major results: boson stars, “Introducing the Black Hole” with J.A. Wheeler, the limiting critical mass of NS. He identified the first BH in our Galaxy (Cignus X-1) using UHURU satellite data with Riccardo Giacconi and received the Cressy Morrison Award (1973). Returning to Sapienza (1978), he promoted Rome-Stanford collaboration on gravitational wave detectors. With European, US and Chinese institutions he established ICRA and later ICRANet in Italy, Armenia, France and Brazil (2005). He developed the understanding of GRBs, confirmed by the largest telescopes on Earth and from space: from their discovery (1973) to their cosmological origin (1997) to the determination of seven different GRBs families and their conceptual understanding (2018).
He has given evidence for 7 episodes characterizing the most general GRB and identified, in the Christodoulou - Ruffini - Hawking Mass formula, the energy source of the most energetic GRBs, the BDHN I, based on the Wald - Papapetrou solution (2022). He is currently also active with his collaborators in identifying the nature of our galactic core in terms of Dark matter.


Chairs of the Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC): Pascal Chardonnet, Liang Li, Rahim Moradi, Jorge A. Rueda, Narek Sahakyan, Gregory Vereshchagin,Yu Wang, Shesheng Xue.


Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC): Yerlan Aimuratov, Lorenzo Amati, Stefano Ansoldi, Carlos Raul Arguelles, David Arnett, Xinhe Bao, Jim Bardeen, Eduar Antonio Becerra Vergara, Laura Becerra Bayona, Zurab Berezhiani, Carlo Luciano Bianco, Jiri Bicack, Donato Bini, Paul Boynton, Yifu Cai, Daniela Calzetti, Stefano Campion, Pascal Chardonnet (co-chair), Pisin Chen, Yen-Chen Chen, Christian Cherubini, Demetrios Christodolou, Atish Dabholkar, Zigao Dai, Thibault Damour, Paolo De Bernardis, Massimo Della Valle, Nathalie Deruelle, Hansjoerg Dittus, Behzad Eslampanah, Sareh Eslamzadeh Askestani, Christian Estrosi, Francis Everitt, Simonetta Filippi, Christopher Fryer, Marco Fuchs, Mauro Giavalisco, Paolo Giommi, Gabriele Gionti, Daniele Gregoris, Vincenzo Guidi, Francesco Haardt, Mimoza Hafizi, Wenbiao Han, Luca Izzo, Robert Jantzen, Luke Shim Jong-Hyeok, Mile Karlica, Roy Patrick Kerr, Margaret Kerr, Sang Pyo Kim, Serguei Komissarov, Michael Kramer, Claus Laemmerzahl, Giovanni Lamanna, Di Li, Liang Li (co-chair), Manuel Malheiro, Silvia Masi, Grant Mathews, Marco Merafina, John Mester, Felix Mirabel, Razmik Mirzoyan, Rahim Moradi (co-chair), Romain Murenzi, Ehud Nakar, Hans Ohanian, Roberto Peron, Vahe Petrosian, Francesco Piacentini, Tsvi Piran, Peter Predehl, Brian Punsly, Sang Pyo Kim, Asghar Qadir, Hernando Quevedo, Johann Rafelski, Fatemeh Rastegar Nia, José Fernando Rodriguez Ruiz, Piero Rosati, Jorge Armando Rueda Hernandez (co-chair), Narek Sahakyan (co-chair), Humitaka Sato, Stefano Scopel, Soroush Shakeri, Costantino Sigismondi, Yousef Sobouti, Luigi Stella, Rashid Sunyaev, Marco Tavani, Gerard 't Hooft, Aldo Treves, Gregory Vereshchagin (co-chair), Nicola Vittorio, Anzhong Wang, Yu Wang (co-chair), Janie Wardle, Bob Williams, David Wilthshire, Hyung Won Lee, Shesheng Xue (co-chair), Yefei Yuan, Alexander Zakharov, Cesar Zen Vasconcellos, Bing Zhang, Yunlong Zheng.


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